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Do I need a foundation for my new mattress?

Consider adding a solid, platform, adjustable bases foundation or box spring, so your mattress surface can be flat, sturdy, and prevent early sagging.

Ciao! Today I will be creating a guide to help you decide if you need a foundation for your mattress.

Now before I get into this guide, let me explain and define what the box springs and foundations for a mattress is:

The foundation provides support between the bottom of the mattress and the bed frame. The foundation is usually placed on top of the bed frame. With the placement position of the foundation, it provides support by allowing the surface of the mattress to be flat and sturdy. It can also prevent early on sagging as well.

The box spring consists of a wooden frame filled with sprigs and wrapped in fabric. A box spring is manufactured to be the same size as the bed and provides support by sitting directly under the mattress. Typically box springs are designed to sit on top of a bed frame.

After reading the descriptions, you can tell that both of these mattress supporters have the same purpose, and that is to give your mattress a sturdy structure. The choice of choosing which is right for you can all depend on your preference and the way you will be positioning your bed. 

If you are wondering about what size these come in… I got you covered!

Both the box springs and foundations come in three sizes:

SizeHeight (in)
Standard/High-Profile10.5 in. or taller
Medium-Profile7 to 10 in.
Low-profile6.5 in. or lower

You can choose the size that best fits your mattress, usually, the box springs and foundations are meant to fit together with the mattress and can also be sold as a split-style.

Mattress foundations can come in different forms, let’s dive into them right now shall we!

Solid Foundation: The solid foundation provides the most support because the base and frame are filled with wooden slats to prevent sagging. In fact, these are the best types of foundations to use for a mattress that has memory foam! Not only do they provide excellent support, but they also allow the mattress to breathe from underneath and get rid of any excess moisture the mattress absorbs over time. Here at GiNO, our solid foundation would be a perfect duo with our comforting memory foam mattresses!

Estimate price which can vary depending on the size: $200 to $500.

Suggestion: In order for the slats to do their job properly, it is suggested that they should be of a decent width of around 2 1/2’’ and possibly no more than 3 1/2’’ apart from each other.  

Platform Foundation: These platforms are more low-key compared to the rest. If you want the feeling of Zen and relaxation, this foundation might be the best fit for you. They typically increase the support level of a mattress and may make it feel firmer. The platform foundations are more compact and easier to move as well.

Estimate Price which can vary depending on size: $400 to $800.

Adjustable Bases foundations: The adjustable foundation provides an adjustable base that can be raised depending on your preference. They are also mostly power bases and are one of the fastest-growing categories in our industry!  For example, if you have neck pain, you can adjust the base by lowering it to relieve that pain. This is a more customizable foundation and offers great support to memory foam mattresses but are not great for spring mattresses as they do not bend easily!

Estimate price which can vary depending on size: Around $900 to 3,500.

As for box springs: As mentioned before the box spring provides underlying support and height to your mattress! Think of the springs as the platform, to hold everything together. The box spring in some cases helps raise the mattress to a comfortable height depending on your preference, however, it is an older technology compared to the foundations. The box springs are also designed to work with traditional spring mattresses and should not be used with memory foam mattresses including our mattresses here at GiNO!

Well, fellow dreamers, my guide has ended. I hope you got some more insight on each of the foundations. And remember here at GiNO, our foundation is made of wood and offers support and breathability, so go check it out!

As always Buona notte e sogni d’oro from yours truly


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