GiNO, the youngest
of the Magniflex family

GiNO is the new way of enjoying the relaxed pleasure of the Italian lifestyle at home.

But it is no newcomer: GiNO was born from nearly 60 years of experience of Magniflex, the Italian sleep company that in 1986, patenting the vacuum-sealed packaging, simply revolutionized mattresses for the benefit of ecology and health.

A Heritage
of innovation

  • Globalization. In 2008 Magniflex expanded to the United States bringing to consumers Italian design, quality craftsmanship, technological innovation, and extreme care for each person's sleep.

  • Expansion. The growth of Magniflex is continuous. In 2002 it produced over 10,000 mattresses per day, creating ever new collections and reaching new customers in Europe and overseas.

  • Revolution. In 1986 was the year of the revolution: the company was the first in the world to patent vacuum-packed mattresses, leading to great advantages for hygiene, quality, health, and the environment.

  • Evolution. Craftsmanship, experience, and a spirit of innovation, combined with a passion for quality, are the values that have always guided Magniflex throughout its decades-long evolution.

  • Creation. When in the 1960s, Giuliano Magni started creating his first mattresses in Prato, Tuscany, the Italian capital of textiles, he began a family history which then turned into a journey in search of the best sleep ever.

To date, Magniflex has become the symbol of "Made in Italy sleep" in the world.
Its mattresses have offered millions of people the pleasure of better sleep, ultimately improving their overall quality of life.

Good for people's health,
good for the planet

International certifications

The quality of Magniflex products and production process is guaranteed by rigorous international certifications, including the American Chiropractic Association, Global Textile Organic Standard, OEKO-TEX, and collaborations with established universities.

  • Management systems UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standard compliant
  • Flame-retardant certified
  • Product manufactured in accordance with standards on medical devices
  • Tests and studies on ergonomics in collaboration with the University of Florence
  • 100% Made in Italy quality certificate
  • Fabrics made entirely with organic materials (Toscana line and Yoga accessories)
  • Carbon dioxide emissions reduced by over 45,100 kg
  • Endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association
  • Approved for installation on ships and ferries
  • Certification of total absence of toxic and harmful substances
  • Certification of sustainable and safe production processes and conditions
Naturally safe

At Magniflex we work every day to create safe products for both people and nature. The OEKO-TEX and OEKO-STeP certifications guarantee that our products are totally free of toxic and harmful substances and recognize a corporate approach focused on the use of environmentally-friendly technologies and the efficient and sustainable use of resources.

Supporting the SDGs

Magniflex embraces the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), whose 17 macro-objectives concern the economic, sustainable, and environmental development, through the reduction of CO2 emissions, the use of solar power panels, the optimization of waste recycling, and other daily commitments to support the health of our planet.

60 years of history
Present in 99 countries
Trusted by over 35 million people

The quality recognized throughout the world for Italian products is also found in GiNO. Strengthened by the experience of Magniflex, GiNO is the result of the work of expert craftsmen and engineers who use excellent quality materials to create products able of satisfying the desires of those looking for a night of dream sleep.

Thanks to Magniflex’s heritage, by choosing GiNO you are bringing the best of Made in Italy into your home, from design excellence to attention to detail, from high manufacturing quality to a passion for beauty and things well done.

Made in Italy,
a passion for quality

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