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How often should you replace your mattress?

Lumps, noisy springs, and the worsening of your allergies are signs that your mattress needs replacement. Don’t let old mattresses impact your sleep.

Ciao! Getting attached to your mattress can be a true struggle when it is time to give it up. However, it is important to make sure you are replacing your mattress after a certain time span or if you start seeing any red flags that are showing you it is time to move on! 

If you are curious to see what these red flags 🚩might be, check out our previous blog.

However, if you want to know the basics on why and when you should replace your mattress, you have come to the right place! 

Bene, you are probably wondering why you have to replace your mattress if there is not anything truly wrong with it right? 

Well, there are a few reasons why you should replace them frequently. Mattresses over time can begin to sag and its shape could change which can cause lumps, these lumps can affect your sleep, and make you feel a sense of discomfort. 

If you have not been getting enough sleep lately, it would be ideal to check your mattress and the number of years it has been since you purchased it. Usually, the time span for how often a mattress should be replaced is six to eight years. Try to act fast and replace as soon as possible, getting the right amount of sleep is important for your body! 

Remember, that lack of sleep can possibly cause heart and kidney disease. But do not worry, your mattress bestie aka me will go more into depth on additional things you should look out for when checking if you need to replace your mattress! 

Other signs that can give you a clear sign to replace the mattress are: 

  • Noisy springs 
  • If your allergies get worse due to allergens the mattress contains 
  • Sudden pain and aches when you wake up 
  • Bed bug appearances 

As always, our blogs are the most fun with a tall glass of wine in your hand, so before I go on any further, pour it up! 

Bene, let me explain the signs a little more! 

Noisy springs: You will start to notice that the mattress springs make a squeaking noise when there is movement. The reason the springs start to make noise is that the coils, which are the spirals of the rings, are worn out and are unable to provide support. 

If you notice your allergies worsen: Unfortunately, when your mattress gets older it can develop dust mites and allergens. In fact, out of your whole house, these allergens tend to live right in your mattress! You can try to vacuum and intensively clean your mattress however if your allergies do not get better, it is time to replace your mattress ASAP. 

If you are getting more muscle stiffness and pains: This sign usually happens when your mattress loses support. If you start to feel a lot of movement, especially if you share the bed with your partner, this can also mean that it is losing support on certain spots on the mattress! But do not panic, a new mattress is a perfect solution. 

If you read these signs, but still want further information, check out all the red flags to look out for! And if you realized that it is time to replace your mattress, the next step would be to shop for your replacement and dispose of the old! Guess what, as always, I got you covered! Check out our shopping guide and different ways to dispose of your old mattress, click on the links for more information.

Now you are probably done with your glass of wine, so I should wrap this up! Make sure to check up on your mattress and remember, you will find an even better one, so don’t be afraid to replace it! Stay tuned for more blogs, but for now, Buonanotte e sogni d’oro. 💤

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