How to choose your perfect mattress

Just like many pleasures in life, our sleep is one of them! Those days where you just want to binge watch your favorite show with a glass of wine and a midnight snack in bed are moments we would want to last just a little longer. However, one of the reasons why being in bed is so comforting and an escape from reality, comes from the mattress you sleep on. Welcome to our shopping guide, I will help you find your perfect mattress, so you can feel the most satisfied with your purchase and have the best “namaste in bed” days.

There are five different aspects to consider when choosing a mattress:

  1. How to test comfort
  2. How to test for support
  3. Motion Separation
  4. Temperature
  5. Mattress Height

I will walk you through each of these categories, so you can feel the most confident during your shopping experience!

How to Test Comfort and Support

Believe it or not but your preferred sleeping position is a great way to decide the comfort level of a mattress you are interested in. Comfort is also always a matter of personal preference so make sure to take that into consideration as I guide you through the different positions!

If you like to sleep on your side, you will want support for your body weight. To make sure your mattress can support you, check if it is an innerspring or soft foam mattress. These types will leave you feeling as though you are sleeping on clouds without worrying about the pressure.

If you sleep on your stomach, you will want a mattress that feels firm but also light on your body. Mattresses that contain firm foam, or specifically dense innerspring will allow you to feel the comfort you need.

If you like to sleep on your back, call yourself lucky because any type of mattress will be comfortable for you! By reading the descriptions of the two above, somewhere in between will be just the perfect match for you! To get the best out of your shopping experience, seeing it for yourself could beneficial. Testing out each mattress will easily give you a clear answer.

As for support, the most important rule to go by is to check whether your spine is aligned when laying down on a mattress as if it is not, you are likely to experience back pain. This rule is regardless of what material is in your mattress.

Shopping Fun Fact #1
If you have back pain, the best mattresses are the ones with memory foam. Foam mattress in general has a much better permanence than springs. GiNO mattresses include this so you can sleep stress free!

Motion & Separation

If you are sharing a bed with your significant other, you want every night to be enjoyable with them, but sharing a bed is not always easy! You or your partner could tend to move around often in your sleep, and this could be disturbing. However, motion separation prevents this issue from occurring.

Memory foam mattresses with motion separation are made to only move where the foam is touched. So, when you move on your side, your partner will not be able to feel it on theirs. Doesn’t this sound amazing! Alright, I know you are dying to tell your partner this, so go tell them the great news, but make sure to come back and continue reading!


Many mattress companies including GiNO have been introducing new cooling technologies for mattresses. It is a luxury to be able to sleep with the perfected cooling temperature. Here is how it works!

Cooling technology helps absorb heat and increase airflow. It will draw the hot air away from your body so that you can have a cool and calm sleep. All of the foams have a water-based technology in GiNO mattresses, this creates an open-cell structure which makes the foam breathable and cooler.

Shopping Fun Fact #2
Mamma Mia! You are hot! Now even though you are a total catch, I meant your body temperature is hot, it is about 98.6 F. Our body is not capable of regulating our own temperature when we are in the deep phases of our sleep, but cooling technology within your mattress will allow you to balance the temperatures between you and your mattress!

Mattress height

Are you wondering whether you should invest in a thicker and tall mattress, or a shorter mattress? There are a lot of factors to consider, and I will help you narrow down the choices based on your preferences!

Let us start off with the taller and thicker mattresses:

  • The style of your bed and headboard can also help you decide if a thicker mattress is right for you. If you are styling your bed with a headboard, you will want your mattress to have the strongest support to be sustainable for the headboard placement.

Smaller mattresses:

  • Smaller mattresses might be right for you depending on the weight, some mattresses could be easier to carry if smaller, however always make sure to double check because it is possible for a smaller mattress to be heavier than a thicker one.
  • If you want to be able to get in and out of bed easily depending on your height, a short mattress would be the most convenient for you.

Buonanotte e sogni d’oro

And that is officially the end of our shopping guide! Choosing a mattress can be exciting and tedious, but if you follow this guide and choose based on your true preferences, you will be guaranteed the perfect mattress. Shop away and check out our GiNO product line!

Fun Fact #3
The Italian phrase Buonanotte e sogni d’oro means “good night and sweet dreams”.

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